• Helen is, a Holistic Health Coach and Mentor, a published author and has been a health researcher for over 20 years. Her journey began at the tender age of 10 years old when her grandmother introduced her to medicinal herbs in the forestry Ugandan village of Buikwe.

    During her early 20's Helen delivered health mentoring programs to young girls at a well known High School in Manchester, England. Helen also worked as a volunteer at the Afro Caribbean Mental Health Society. Her health journey and passion for helping others to overcome their own health challenges was inspired by a spiritual awakening, along with a number of her own personal health crises, which led her to start a website where she could share her knowledge and experience, and expertise of natural health remedies, detoxes, health protocols, as well as the nutritious food and juice recipes that are created by herself, and other co-creators on the Venus Health Academy Website.

    After many years of working in several major hospitals around Manchester, and advancing her studies in Natural Health, Helen now works mainly online using video calls to serve her clients around the world. Helen often help clients that are seeking solutions for natural health recovery and wellness, with a particular emphasis on harnessing the power of natural food and herbs.

    In addition to the nutritional guidance, during client sessions, Helen will sometimes use emotional healing techniques, such as tapping, EMF, sound healing, affirmations, meditations, and distance healing, in order to help her clients live a healthier and balanced lifestyle. Hence creating The Period Protocol, the Venus Health Detox, including many other health resources.

    The type of guidance Helen offers to her clients includes, how to use natural and holistic methods to overcome dis-ease, illness, subconscious emotional sabotage, and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). On an emotional balancing level, Helen also works with the subconscious mind, Akashic Records, and past life healing. The overall service that Helen offers to her clients is aimed at helping them to achieve a balanced mind, body, & soul.

    Thanks to the wisdom of her ancestors, Helen was able to build upon her self taught knowledge of spirituality and energy healing, and later went on to release trapped emotions that were holding her back in various aspects of her life. Helen’s healing journey led to shifting negative subconscious emotional beliefs, and energetic blockages relating to finding her life purpose, including the self confidence to participate at public speaking events, as well as healing legacy pains, which conventional doctors had been unable to diagnose or cure.

    Helen has since come to the realise that most pains and aches in our bodies are mainly psychosomatic, which means that they can often be eradicated without the need for synthetic drugs, or painful and traumatic operations. According to Helen, in most cases, releasing the trapped emotions in certain areas of our bodies, almost instantly removes the aches, pains, and dis-eases that we experience in the human body. Clients that choose to work with Helen may benefit from the potential cost savings on medical bills and related expenses. Visit the Venus Health Academy Website for more information on how you can book a FREE initial health chat with Helen: https://venushealthacademy.com/new-meeting/44b39231-f5cf-4c9e-8b77-af35df2b7ad4

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