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GROUP HEALTH COACHING - Preventing And Relieving Child Birthing Trauma

Group Session β€” sold out - 2 hours

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Giving birth can be an incredibly powerful yet a vulnerable experience for women. While childbirth is a normal physiological process, it can also be traumatic both physically and emotionally, to both mother and baby if not handled with care and compassion. As a collective, it’s our duty to do everything we can to prevent trauma and make the birthing process as safe, positive and empowering as possible for mothers.

The birth process can at times be complex and unpredictable. But focusing on compassionate, and coherent, patient-centered care can go a long way in preventing trauma and helping women feel empowered. With support, guidance and understanding from their healthcare team, mothers can overcome many challenges and remember their birth experience positively. Join us and be part of this insightful online event as we discuss the key points of how we can prevent and relieve child birthing trauma through the use of the STIR Method.

Here are some questions related to birthing trauma that we intend to discuss:

  • What was your birth experience like? Do you feel like you experienced any trauma during the process?

  • Were there any specific moments or events during the labor and delivery that felt scary, painful, or traumatic for you? What made those moments difficult?

  • How did the medical team and environment around you affect your feeling of safety and comfort during the birth? Did anything make you feel unsupported, judged, or disrespected?

  • Did you undergo any medical interventions or procedures during the birth that felt forced, scary, or beyond your control? How did those impact your experience?

  • After the birth, did you experience any physical trauma or complications like severe tearing, hemorrhaging, etc? How did that affect you emotionally?

  • Do you feel like you have been able to process through and heal from any traumatic memories or emotions from the birth? What has that processing looked like for you?

  • Do you feel comfortable talking about your birth story, or does recounting the events bring up difficult emotions? What kind of support do you need around discussing your experience?

  • How do you feel your birth experience affects your view of yourself as a mother? Do you feel any guilt, shame or sadness related to how things went?

  • How can your partner, friends or family support you regarding any trauma related to your birth? What do you need from them?