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Eyesight and General  Health Testimonial I am taking eye drops as prescribed by Helen. I am short sighted and have been taking them for a couple of weeks now. Gradual progress - I am now able to see more detail in things some distance from myself (without the specs) so am getting there bit by bit.

Just came back from a walk in the park without specs and was happy to be able to see more detail in the trees, shrubs, plants and even birds some distance from me 👀

Thanks Helen 😁😁


Autism Testimonial I am the mother of a teenager who has autism. He has delayed speech and language , therefore cannot always express himself verbally.

He began displaying changes in his behaviour which indicated he was experiencing some levels of anxiety. I wasn’t sure how to handle it and it became quite a difficult time for myself and the rest of the family. He had several sessions with Helen and after implementing her advice we saw a significant improvement in him. Very soon, he was back to his usual happy self. I am very grateful to Helen because getting to the cause of this change in his behaviour would not have been detected by a regular mainstream methods and but for Helen , I believe it could have continued indefinitely.

Thank you again Helen!!


Childhood Trauma Testimonial I have known Helen for a few years, and her knowledge, her kind heart and willingness to go and beyond to help is very special.

Helen helped me and my son through a tough period a couple of years ago. Her intuition, her expertise and her vast knowledge helped my 10 year old son to move through anxiety and panic attacks.

She I have known Helen for a few years now and I cannot describe truly with words how blessed I feel to know her.

Her also supported me through my obstacles in relationships. Helen is someone I can not only highly recommend to ask for her, but I believe she is a must to find person, for all who need guidance, love, knowledge and care! Thank you so much Helen


Long Term Menstrual Problems Testimonial Thank you Helen for the advice about Moringa, you truly saved my life. I can now enjoy life and do the things I like to do even when I'm on my period. I don't have to worry about soggy pants (as my husband calls it), hide away from people, worry about leaving the house when I'm on my period. I bleed half the amount of blood I did before taking the Moringa and my period has gone down from 7 days to 4 days.

Thank you so much ❤️


Crohn's Disease Testimonial Helen's dietary and supplement knowledge is extensive. When my son was diagnosed with Crohn's recently, I knew she was the only one I wanted to work with him. She will always be my first choice where physical health and nutritional wellbeing is concerned. She's amazing at what she does. After 6 weeks all stomach flare ups and pain was gone. What a relief. I highly recommend her.


Breast Tumour Testimonial I have had several years working with Helen as my life coach and she is wonderfully loving and kind in her nature. She instantly makes you feel good by addressing any issues you may have head on with fun and laughter which made me feel safe in my vulnerability. The process allowed me to be forgiving to myself, my past mistakes & identifying the root cause of many blocks I had in my life. The phycological and alternative medicine combined approach actually brought physical healing to my breast tumour's and mental well being. I highly recommend her. She is amazing.


Personal Spiritual Health Testimonial I consider Helen as my personal spiritual SAS in heels. Whenever i've got an issue i'm trying to work through i can always rely on Helen to give me absolute clarity by the end of our session. She is absolutely amazing. Thank you Helen x


Anxiety And PTSD Testimonial My 4yr old son Stanley was suffering from ptsd and anxiety after abuse from his father. I was really struggling with behavioural issues and toilet training I was actually at my wits ends when I spoke to Helen about it, after a lengthy discussion Helen told me what she planned to do and, within 24hrs Stanley’s behaviour had improved massively and he had also been for his 1st no 2 on the toilet on his own in a very long time... 😁 from then on he’s never looked back!!


Liver Cirrhosis Testimonial Thank you so much Helen I first listened to you on Storms Happy Hour My Dr had just put me on a blood thinner and I was reluctant to take it. I asked you about it an you did not tell me what to do but said if it were you you would take the black seed oil.

When I came on and you were on again I spoke of my husband who had cirrhosis of the liver. They say it is from agent orange in Viet Nam as he has never been a drinker. The Group was talking about ivermectin sad I asked you if it might help him. You said it would not hurt to try it. You see the nurse was recommending hospice for him and said he would not get better.