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Q&A — Video Answer


In a world where diseases such as cancer are on the increase, we want everyone to have access to good quality health information. Therefore we have created this online space where we can interact with you and answer some of your health questions that we are not able to answer on our social media due to the recent increase in the censorship of health related videos on the Venus Health Academy social media channels.

This online space provides you the opportunity to ask us health related questions without going to the expense of paying for full health consultations. If you have a quick question or query regarding your health or someone you are caring for, then you have come to the right place.

Please ask one question at at time (per video or text) and remember to keep your question short. You can submit your questions as a short video or in the form of a text message. The reply to your question will be a 1 minute reply that will be sent directly to your email address.

Questions are normally answered within 24-48 hours. As a disclaimer if you need urgent help, we suggest that you contact your health provider or doctor. In addition, the reply that you receive is not to be construed as medical advice, and is not to be taken as a replacement for seeking medical attention if and when required.

Thank you and we look forward to receiving and answering your health related questions 💚